Personal Interests

Mountain Biking:

I have been an avid mountain biker for many years.  I learned while I was living in San Diego and have been happy to explore what Colorado and Utah have to offer.  My most adventurous trip on a bike thus far has been my trip across the Colorado Rockies via the Colorado Trial.  It took our group 14 days to cover approximately 400 miles and we bike packed the whole way.  I suggest it to everyone who asks about it because of how the Trail allows one to see the raw beauty of the remote Colorado Rockies that are nearly inaccessible in any other way. I have also spent a large chunk of time riding downhill at the various mountain in Summit County like Granby Ranch, Keystone Resort, and Winterpark.  My favorite so far has been Granby Ranch because of the advanced, natural trails and the light bike traffic.

The Colorado Trail Bros.  We rode across Colorado via the Colorado Trail and this picture is very near the end, hence our smiling faces.


Whenever possible, I really enjoy the opportunity to travel to either new countries or new locations around the United States.  So far I have been fortunate enough to spend a few days in: The Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Ireland, an extended stay in Spain (the location of the below photo), and gone on a trip to Seoul and Pusan in South Korea along with Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo in Japan.  Most of my travels in the U.S. have been west of the Mississippi because I grew up in California and went to graduate school in Colorado but I would love to see the rest that the U.S. has to offer.

My girlfriend, Katie, and I in San Sebastian, Spain in June 2016.  She went to Santander, Spain for an astrobiology summer school and I flew out to travel around Spain with her following the school.

Adult League Softball: 

For the last couple years I have been playing on an adult league softball team in the Boulder City softball league.  It started out with just Rieker group member but has since expanded to various friends outside of just the group.  We started with many brand-new-to-softball players and they have all taken to the sport very well.  We are hoping to have a winning season very soon!  Go Mik Mak’s Paddy Whacks!

Some of the Mik Mak Paddy Whacks and our fearless, though often absent, coaches.